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Sea Jing Products

Solutions for a Flourishing planet

Sea Jing is an innovative Australian company at the leading edge in the formulation and production of organic agricultural products. Our mission is to supply local and global marketplaces with high quality effective organic products for crop strength, pest and weed control and bee hive health.

Alternatives to chemical fertilizers, weed and pest control is needed. The world is going organic and we have the products to assist. Better nutrient density, stronger resistant to disease, increase in growing times and crop turnover, fungi and pest controls and an alternative to Monsanto’s Round Up, called GOTCHA, and an innovative Bee hive formula to assist in recovery of many threaten bee species.

Take a read of our products, view our video and get in touch about any investment inquires and commercial orders.   (sorry no domestic orders accepted until 2020)

Roger Green
Company secretary

Stand Out features

Unique Biological activity & mode of action

Promotes Faster Growth

Achicve Higher Nutrient Density

Achieve Higher Brix Levels

Uses Organic Materials

Control of many fungal diseases.

Assists in the control of many insects and pests.

Promotes vigorous & strong root development.

Increases the plants health and resistance to problems.

Based on amorphous silica extracted from ancient beds of Diatomaceous Earth.

Stimulates the production of chlorophyll – photosynthesis.

High pH & bio-action of certain metal elements in the formulation.

High pH & bio-action of certain metal elements in the formulation.

Insecticidal activity is provided through physically cutting and abrading.

Provides minerals for beneficial soil microbes and is safe to beneficial insects

The minerals are extracted from the most pristine ocean waters.

Reduces the effects of frost and cold stresses.

Natural mineral bio-fertilizer, not a nitrogen, synthetic or animal based.

Natural mineral bio-fertilizer, not a nitrogen, synthetic or animal based.

Does not require a “withholding period” WHP

Organic farming using low cost earth friendly products

Increasing farm yields without chemical fertilizers.  Revitalizing low grade & under performing farms, arid lands, & world communities in need.


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Initial Share Offering Ends Soon – Act Now

We are seeking visionary environmentally aware investors to help us realize our goal of delivering innovative, novel, competitive pricing organic products to the marketplace. Start-up capital is required to enter into full manufacturing of our 5 products.

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