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Registered Office; Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Management Team

Mr. Leyland Minter

Mr. Leyland Minter


Mr. Roger Green

Mr. Roger Green

Company Secratary

Executive Summary

Company Introduction

South Pacific Bio Tech PTY LTD is an innovative company at the leading edge in the formulation and production of organic agricultural products.

Sea Jing Products” is our DBA and our unique product names are “Sea Vigor”, “Vigor Grow”, “Vigor On-Guard”, “GOTCHA”, and “Bee Vigor”.

Company Mission

To supply local and global market place with high quality and effective organic products for agriculture, pest and weed control and bee hive health.

Business problem and opportunity

Agricultural, horticultural and hydroponic crop managers are seeking cost effective organic products. Alternatives to chemical fertilizers is needed and alternatives to chemical weed and pest control is needed. The world is going organic and we have the products that assist farmers to achieve better nutrient density, stronger resistant to disease, increase in growing times and crop turnover, fungi and pest controls. We also have developed an alternative to Monsanto’s Round Up, called GOTCHA, and an innovative Bee hive formula to assist in recovery of many threaten bee species around the world.

The market potential for effective price competitive organic products and weed/pest control is staggering.

Investment and capital

SEA JING PRODUCTS is currently seeking visionary environmentally aware investors to help us realize our goal of delivering innovative, novel, competitive pricing organic products to the marketplace. Start-up capital is required to enter into full manufacturing of our 5 products.

Manufacturing is based in Byron Bay region NSW. Equity is being released in holding company South Pacific Bio Tech PTY LTD.

Solutions For A Flourishing Planet


Investment Inquires available for 1 month, share offering closes
1st September, 2019

Company Name: South Pacific Bio Tech PTY LTD
Established: July 25th, 2019

Business problem and opportunity: Alternative to Round Up that is effective and organic needed globally. Organic cost competitive and effective products needed for all types of crops and hydroponics. Organic pest control is in high demand.

Development Stage: R and D benchmarks completed.

Set up of manufacturing and business systems, contracts, marketing and marketplace penetrations, management and staff training. Secure factory location and install equipment. On-going research and development.

Capital required and use: First stage of capital raise. Secure factory location, buy and install equipment, set up office and marketing system, staff wages.

Revenue streams: Pre-orders have been received for all of the products, expected revenue within 1 year is 1.5 M

Share release: 30% equity based on 30,000,000 shares


The founders and management team is comprised of Mr. Leyland Minter (Director) and Mr. Roger Green (Company Secretary)

Quick overview

  • Our organic herbicide called GOTCHA is the first of its kind in the world. It is an alternative to ROUND UP!
  • We have products utilizing sea minerals (Ormes), Diatomaceous Earth and unique fungicidal-insecticidal formulations.
  • Our high nutrient organic ferment took several years of development- belt driven, continuous and sprout mix ready within 7 days – followed by innovative ferment procedure- amino rich.
  • Tested and validated: dozens of farmers and trials over many years
  • Chief Bio-Scientist Leyland Minter, with strong track record of developing organic products over many decades
  • Ready for manufacturing
  • Strong local and global interest being expressed
  • Pre-orders received with value $150,000 from hemp farmers
  • Strong corporate interest in organic GOTCHA – Round Up alternative

Our bottom line pricing cost less than chemical farming- with much better results – and its nourishing for mother earth. Our products are organic and now ready to serve you and the land.

Investment enquires

Contact Roger Green for further details using the form here, or send inquiry to

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